Key Points for Exercise, for Everyone!

wout88GB DW (daily workout)

Movement Stretches x 11

20 x pushup, squats

Max Reps in 4 min: Clean Squat Press (use dbs or bb)

Here is a good pic of 2 of our youth GB Athletes doing some TECHNIQUE Training last week.  With all our athletes we do throw high Intensity stuff at them pretty much right off the bat, at the same time though, we make sure that we spend an ample amount of time training them “Proper Technique”.  And as with any group or individuals, we assess what we can quickly UP the Intensity on, and what we need to keep the Intensity at a low to medium level so they can “Learn” great Technique.  Learning great or at least pretty good Technique will do 2 main things:

1. Reduce chance of Injury

2. Help improve Effeciency, therefore Improving Performance

So overall, my suggestion with Exercise for anyone is to first and foremost simply GET MOVING.  Find out what you can do correctly NOW at a medium to high intensity level, and do it.  Then those things that you want to do at a High Intensity level, but you know you dont have the correct Technique, you can take the time to go at a Lower Intensity to learn the correct Technique.  As you get better with Technique, you can up the Intensity accordingly.



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