You want JOY in your life? Of course you do!

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7 Rds of 30:30 – for 7 rounds, go at a medium to intense pace for 30 seconds of work, then go at a slow recovery pace for 30 seconds.  You can Run, Bike, Row, JRope, or even BURPEES!

Check out the big GB Hummer!  I had always wanted a Hummer H2 as a God-Built Ride.  The main reasons were I just always thought they were super cool, and whether people like or dislike a hummer, they still take notice.  The thing is I recently sold the hummer, so now I am on the lookout for my next GB ride.  Who knows what I might come up with next?!

I was researching the power of being Thankful and how it literally affects our health the other day.  I found several good articles.  Check out this quote that I found (this may not be the exact wording, but it does give the exact same meaning of what the author was saying):

It is not “Joy” that brings “Gratitude”, but it is “Gratitude” that brings “Joy”.  

Now I am sure you could argue against that to some extent.  The main point though that the author was trying to get across (in my opinion) is that if we want JOY in our lives, dont just wait for it to magically come, and when it does magically come, we will automatically be Grateful.  Instead we choose to be GRATEFUL, then the JOY comes!  Wow now that is awesome and a great observation that we should all meditate on.

See Joy may just show up sometimes, because everything may just be like a bed of roses for a short time, but that is very seldom to happen if at all.  So when we “wait” for Joy to simply show up then we may be waiting for a long time, and even when it does just show up, it will not stay for long.  Why?  Because life happens, and adversity comes.  (by the way that “joy” that shows up because of everything just being “easy” in our lives at the time is most likely just “Happiness”.  Happiness is great, but it is not true JOY.) 

On the other hand when we choose to be Grateful, then Joy just comes right along.  Actually what is happening is the JOY is already inside of us.  And as we CHOOSE to be Thankful / Grateful, it causes the JOY inside of us to come up, out, and through us!  And see, in this way we have a choice all the time everytime!!  We can always CHOOSE TO BE GRATEFUL!  Therefore we can always Choose to allow HIS Joy inside of us to come forth and operate in our lives!  Ye baby!


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