“Natural” Cure / Help for Sore Throat / Strep

applecidervinegarGB DW (daily workout)

17 x squats, pushups, xcrunch

3-5 rds: 14 DB Swings, 14 Pushup Shoulder Stand (7r,7l), 14 Leg Tucks

This is the picture I sent to one of my clients recently who said they had a child with “strep” throat.  This is “all natural” “raw” apple cider vinegar, honey, and sea salt.  This is one of the best “home remedies” I have experienced for myself and my family.  I have seen it help with sore throats, and stop what seemed like the oncoming of “strep”.  I am not saying that this is a sure fire way to “Prevent” anything, but my personal experience has been very good with it.  Here is what you do:

Mix together in a small cup- warm/hot water (of course not so hot that you burn your mouth), few shakes of salt, small teaspoon of honey (“raw” is best), and 1-2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar.  Gargle 3-4 times, for 5+ seconds each time.  **I even drink a little, just for good measure!

Now there are many supposed benefits of “drinking” a true raw all natural apple cider vinegar on a regular basis.  I am for sure no expert on that so you would have to do your own research.  I do know though for The Johnson’s we have seen great results from the “gargle” to help with any sore throat condition. 

*and yes for young kids the “gargle” thing may be tough.  We can get JP to do it, and DB “will” get it down soon too!

I believe that anytime you can avoid pharmaceutical type medication, then do it if you have a very good “natural” alternative.  Thank God for the prescribed and over the counter medications, but as we all know, it is way better to only use them absolutely as needed. 


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