MOVE Now, or wait until the “company challenge” to Get Started?

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For 8+ Minutes, Jog/Run 1 min then walk for 1 min

Here is David Ben doing some Front Squats with a pvc pipe.  I posted this before and just think it is pretty neat.  I tried to show him how to do the front squats, then he basically said “here dad I can do that.”  And he did it!

You know, sometimes we all are guilty of “procrastination”.  There is always some good reason why we should wait until the right time and or the right circumstances.  We can get instructions, watch all kinds of motivational stuff, buy all kinds of gear and or training materials, and still never MOVE FORWARD by taking that first step of JUST DOING SOMETHING!  I know this has been the case many times in my life.  There literally comes a point where we have to just stop getting prepared, stop waiting for the “right time” and circumstances, and stop doing whatever it is that is holding us back from GETTING STARTED, AND JUST DOING IT! 

Now I agree that preparation, and timing are key.  At the same time though there always comes a point that you just have to MOVE and GO!  And with somethings in life, like doing the right things towards your health, the right time is always NOW.  There literally is absolutely no reason to wait!  You may be “waiting for” your company to do the big end of the year, or first of the year “health challenge”.  Well definitely be prepared for that, and at the same time you can be taking small, very simple steps now with your nutrition and exercise actions.  Then when the time comes, you will already have some momentum built up.  And if you have already lost some weight and or bodyfat, then excellent!  So what that you may not win the very “short term” reward for losing more weight for the company challenge.  That reward is short lived.  The reward for starting now and changing your health now, is far better and most likely further reaching!!  (just had to say all that)

So lets me and you GET ON IT DOG’ON IT!  Whatever it is that we have been “procrastinating” on, and we believe it is something we should be doing, then lets just make that simple switch and get started RIGHT NOW.  No, don’t wait till tomorrow.  Do something today to take that Right step.  Ye baby!


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