Should you RUN?

wout42GB DW

Movement Stretches x 8

Max Rds in 4 min: 5 Situps, 5 Pushups, 5 Squats

Check out some good “Running” going on during one of our GB Superfit workouts.  We like “Running” as it is a great Exercise to use in our Interval workouts, and heck it is just FUN!  Well maybe its fun at least when it is done! 

On the subject of Running, most who know me know that I do not like “distance” running.  That is just not my thing.  I do love “Sprint” running though.  Anything 400 yds or under, and I am in!  No matter whether you are doing distance running or sprint running, Technique is extremely important for effeciency, reduction of chance of injury, and longevity.  So no matter what your choice of Running is, choose to learn how to do it properly first.  In my nearly 20 years of coaching experience, Running is one of the exercises I have seen the most problems with, and the biggest struggle with getting people to understand the importance of Running correctly.  And unfortunately, because of lack of good Technique, and too much Volume, I have seen scores of people have to quit Running. 

Do yourself a favor if you want to Run:

Learn how to Run correctly;

And dont Run too much!!


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