Snow Days. Effort. Fun Memories. Worth it!


Movement Stretches x 7

15 x squats, pushups

Max reps of Squat Press (dbs or bb) in 4 min

Here is a pic from several years ago of me and the boys cutting up on the golf cart in the snow.  Maybe we will get 1 or 2 good Snows this year!  Ye baby!

You know, most anything that is “worth doing” and produces great benefits and or memories, is going to take effort in 1 or more ways.  It is just like going out and playing in the snow.  As you can see in the pic, we were all bundled up.  (it is funny because we have some very good friends who live in Ohio and they laugh at how “bundled up” we get for our little snows!!) Man we had a blast that day, a on our other couple of snow days we had over the last several years.  It took time to get myself and the boys all dressed up to be able to stay out in the snow and play.  Then you come in get warmed up, and let your clothes dry out some.  Then the boys are ready to go out again and you have to go through the whole “getting ready” stuff again.  It takes time, and effort to do all that.  Now of course you could just throw on a jacket and go out, but then you and or the kids will not last long at all!  Anyway, that is just a simple example of how “having all that fun in the snow” and “creating memories” took a good bit of effort, but it was sooooo worth it.

Most anything we set out to do that will produce good results in our health and lives is going to take effort and a purposed choice.  And sometimes, it takes a lot of consistent effort before we see the results, but again all our efforts are worth it.  Life aint easy!  Life is tuff sometimes.  Sometimes we go through some real challenging stuff.  We are tuff people though!  Yes we are because God made us that way.  And as me and you choose to put our focus on the “prize” that we are going after, it will help us to work through the “hard” work and effort required to get us moving toward obtaining that prize!  It is worth it!


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