Where to find what you need to accomplish your goals

daddydbhuntingGB DW

Movement Stretches x 10

3/5 Min: JRope / Run / Row / Bike / etc  *its a short time, so cover as much ground as you can!

Check out David Ben on his first “Deer Hunting” trip with dad!  He was excited, and so was dad.  I had a grunt call with me, and man oh man did David Ben do some serious “deer calling”!  We didnt see any deer, but it was a great experience.  Good stuff!

Your Encouraging Word for the Day:

You have already been given everything you need, through Jesus Christ, to conquer and win in every area of your life! 

One of the most “empowering” truths for me is to know that I dont have to pray for anymore ability, faith, or power to accomplish health and life goals, and or to overcome any circumstance in my life.  HE lives in me, so everything I need is right here inside of me ready to be ACCESSED, and put to use!  And so to it is for you.  So get on it dog’on it!




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