Eating Plans after Thanksgiving

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Movement Stretches x 10

4+ rounds of 10 reps x all: Squat, Pushup, Walking Lunge, Situp  *(this is a good ole full body workout to get you back into the groove!)

In the picture you can see what I had “leftover” from a fast food meal I had during the Thanksgiving break.  I had 2 sandwiches from Chick fil A, one grilled chicken, the other regular fried chicken.  I usually dont eat the bread anytime I eat at fast food, and sometimes on rare occasion I will.  Now this is not to say that this makes eating at “fast food” restaurants “healthy”, or any restaurant for that matter.  But as we always say “you can always make a BETTER CHOICE no matter where you are. 

I thought it would be pretty appropriate to talk about food today since many people are probably trying to “scale back” a little with food this week after some big Thanksgiving meals!  And that is what we all should do is be mindful of our food that we eat, and make adjustments accordingly.  And remember those small adjustments DO add up over time when done consistently.

It is just like the fast food meal I had that I posted the picture of.  3 pieces of bread is not a huge thing, but when this type of mindset is followed over a course of time, it adds up!  And actually 3 pieces of enriched, processed, highly refined, etc bread is a pretty big deal at one meal.  I did have the one piece with one of my sandwiches but I DID NOT have the other 3.  So I know you get what I am saying here:  The little things do add up!!

YOUR ENCOURAGING WORD FOR THE DAY: You can make progress with your health, even during this holiday season leading up through Christmas.  All you need to do is make a conscious decision that every day you are going to make “Better Choices”.  You can do this no matter what foods you are eating, and or where you are eating.  Yes strive to “eat healthy”, and realize that this doesnt have to be a burden, and it does not have to be so hard!  It really is simple, and yes it does take effort at the same time.


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