Does “Trying” work?

wout51GB DW

Choose 1-2 for Weekend

1. 16 x squat, pushup shoulder stand, supercrunch

4 rds – 15 DB Swings, 10 Burpees, 15 Situps

2. Movement Stretches x 9

4 rds – 10 Power Cleans (bb or dbs), 25 Pushups

Check out one of our GB SuperFit workout groups knocking it out here at God-Built! 

Encouraging Word for your day:  Do not wait to see if a certain health plan or program is going to work for you.  YOU MAKE IT WORK FOR YOU!

You know we have been blessed to work with many people over the years in helping them to take control of their health and lives.  One thing for sure that I have found out is that the ones that we have seen truly succeed with improving their health here at GB are the ones who decided to take charge and to make our program work for them.  

See many people come and “try” our program, and or another health and fitness program.  As with anything in life though, most of the time things are not going to just “magically” work for you.  **And if you “try it”, you almost always are consciously and or unconsciously giving yourself an automatic excuse for when adversity comes!!  You have to make them work.  There is no magic to any program: health, finances, marriage, job, etc.  There is just you getting started WITH SOMETHING, then using the God-given power of Faith, Hard Work, and Consistency and these will and can produce RESULTS for you in any area of life.   


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