Nutrition Bars as a “Valuable Tool” in your diet

nutritionbars2GB DW

Movement Stretches x 10

4-5 rds: 14 Walkn Lunges, 14 Pushup Leg Tucks

You may have seen this picture posted up before of one of my favorite Nutrition Bars.  I like the Kind brand and particularly their “Nuts & Spices” flavors.  These particular ones have a good combo of protein carbs and fat, plus they HAVE LOW SUGAR!!  This is a very good thing of course.

Remember having 1 or more flavors and or brands of good quality Nutrition Bars that you like is a great thing.  And even better is when you keep those particular bars on hand, conveniently ready to use.  See again as we have said many times here on, a good high quality, controlled quantity whole food diet is the best way to go.  Nutrition Bars are not to replace all your meals, but they can be tremendously valuable for quick high quality food that you can use instead of poor quality, highly processed junk food / fast food.  So use “high quality” Nutrition Bars as a tool to help you in your endeavors to IMPROVE YOUR DIET!! 


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