Nutrition Expert says to eat Cookies!

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20x squat, pushup, leg tucks

Max Reps n 4 minutes: DB Swings

Check out the “abominable Snowman” getting the last drop from his bowl!  I thought this was an appropriate picture considering we are going to talk about Nutrition a little more today and its just Cool!

One of the nutrition ‘experts” I like to get info from is Dr. John Berardi, with Precision Nutrition.  He always puts out great solid Nutrition info that anyone can learn from.  He really seems to know his stuff.  He wrote a very good article that I recieved today, and I thought it was pretty neat because it goes right along with the article / post I sent out yesterday about eating “santa pancakes”. 

I am going to sort of sum up my take on what he said, and also give you the link if you want to see the whole thing:

He basically was saying that we should not get so caught up in trying to be perfect with our nutrition, particularly to the point that it causes us to not enjoy life.  He also gave some great tips on how to “look at” the way you make food choices, and to not see them necessarily as good and bad, but just choices.  And to make a conscious effort of why we are making particular food choices.  And of course there was much more to it, but these are the points that stuck out to me.

From this I just wanted to reinterate to you a few things:

1. Yes absolutely, what you EAT is important.  Yes it is very important to make better food choices on a daily basis.  Yes it is important that You Control food, and you do not let food control you.

2. Enjoy life.  If enjoying a cookie, or “santa pancake” with your kids helps you to enjoy life and or a particular day, then fine.  Eat the cookie, enjoy the cookie, soak up the good times with family.  And DO NOT PUT YOURSELF INTO CONDEMNATION ABOUT IT!

3. Remember that putting yourself “under Law” as far as eating will in most cases eventually bring you to bondage and then quitting.  It is good to have guidelines, but make sure you SEE it all in the right way.

4. Remember God loves you and designed your body to work magnificently.  Nutrition is just one tool for you to use to do your part in the natural in order to experience the “great Health” that is already inside you.

ENCOURAGING WORD FOR THE DAY: Know that because HE loves you, YOU CAN!


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