Which Exercises are the “magic” ones that work!!

wout26GB DW

15 x squats, pushups, supercrunch, wlunge

3+ rds:

1 Min Run / JRope, 1 Min Burpee

Check out some of our youth GB athletes doing some “different” stuff here at God-Built.  We are always trying different movements, and at the same time we do a lot of the same old stuff.  In my nearly 20 years of Training / Coaching Fitness & Sports Performance I have found out several things.  One of those is the fact that as far as movments or Exercises, the main thing is to: DO SOMETHING!  Now of course it is important to do that something Correctly.  What many do though is they keep waiting or searching for that “perfect” program, the one that is going to magically work for them because of the “magic” exercises and or set up.  Well in most cases that is not going to happen.  You basically just have to get your butt in gear and GO!! 

YOUR ENCOURAGING WORD FOR THE DAY: Just Move!  Do something, and do it CONSISTENTLY!  Even if it is just a “little something”, it counts and will produce good!!


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