How you can “walk through it” in CONFIDENCE!

IMG_6061GB DWs

Choose 1-2 for your Weekend:

1. 4+ Rds: Walk / Run for 1 min, Max Pushups 30 seconds

2. 1,2,3,4,….. In 7 Minutes go as far as you can performing Squat, Leg Tuck, Pushup.  **do 1 rep of each, then 2 of each, and so on.

Check out the boys from probably 3-4 years ago in the SNOW!  We have had so much fun the few times it has snowed here in Georgia over the last few years.  I am Expecting Snow this year.  Not too much.  Just Enough!

Encouraging Word for Your Day: No matter what it looks like, Remember the battle has already been won for you, through Christ Jesus.  So be encouraged, be Confident, be of good cheer, and Get Excited!  Yes we all know that “going through” the rough places and the adversity usually is not fun, but we can still go through with Confidence because of Him and His Great Love, JESUS CHRIST, for us.  And that, Jesus Christ, is what this whole Christmas season is about: the Gift of Love; Giving; peace; Joy; Expectation.  Ye baby!


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