CHRISTMAS – great time of the Year!

wout91GB DW

Movement Stretches x 11

4-5 Rds – 25 reps x each: squat, pushup, w lunge, supercrunch

Check out some of our GB Athletes doing some Sled Pulls this morning here at GB.  These young men are on Christmas break, but still choose to get up early and come workout!  Gotta love the dedication!

CHRISTMAS is an awesome time of the year.  I get so excited.  I am like a little kid.  I love to listen to Christmas music, eat “Christmas” food, and just do all the Christmas stuff.

Get excited this season.  Choose to make it a great Christmas for someone else.  And as always choose to be Thankful to God Almighty for “life and life more abundantly” thru His Gift to me and you, JESUS CHRIST, The Saviour of the world!!

Your Encouraging Word for the Day: As always, BE THANKFUL, and GET EXCITED1

Your Health, Your Life, Your Choice  Godbless u kj

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