Getting Ready for your New Year: Better Health / Life

boys4wheelerGB DW

Movement Stretches x 9

3 rds: Squat, pushup shoulder stand, leg tuck

25/40 Burpees

Check out the boys riding their new 4 wheeler they got for Christmas!  They are loving it and having a big time with all their other Christmas presents.  Good stuff.

The Johnson’s had a big big Christmas and I am sure you did too.  And now that Christmas has come and gone (boy that was fast), we have another “big” time of the year coming up: NEW YEARS!  And of course we all know that New Year’s is a time when many people make health resolutions.  That can be a very good thing.  Remember these few things over the next few days building up to New Years:

Make some kind of plan to make positive health changes such as Nutrition changes, adding in a few minutes of Exercise several times per week, taking control of your words and thoughts, etc.  **And remember many times making small, simple changes is the best way, at least to start with.

Do not let a “slip” turn into a “fall”.  (i got this saying from a registered dietician’s article on that one of our GB trainers sent me.  We started recommending several years ago as some of our clients were bragging on how helpful it was.  So use it as a resource!)  Basically the point here is that we all make mistakes, and a little mistake is not a complete fall or failure.  It is no big deal so you do not let it be a big deal.

Find an accountability partner.  Remember your “hope” or expectation can not be in another person.  Your expectation is in the power that is in you by Jesus Christ.  And it can help if you get someone to join with you in going after certain goals in life.

Make sure your WORDS & THOUGHTS are taking you in the same direction that you are trying to steer yourself towards with improved nutrition and exercise actions.  If you are working hard with better nutrition and exercise actions, but your words and thoughts are ones of defeat and instability, then you will most likely not end up accomplishing your goals.  You can pretty much be guaranteed you will end up going in the direction your words and thoughts are pointing towards, so make sure they are pointing you in the right direction.




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