GB posts – a New Order of doing things to better equip you!


Inspiration / Encouragement – His LOVE is the reason you can!

Nutrition – Use this “New Year” to make a few simple eating changes starting this week.

Exercise – Movement Stretches x 10.  Max Rds in 5 minutes: 20 squats, 20 pushups, 20 walkn lunges, 20 supercrunch

In the pic the boys are doing their “SuperExercise” they came up with over the break.  It is pretty neat and they impressed daddy as they were excited to show it to me!  Good stuff.

As you can tell from the top of today’s GB post, I am changing some things up for the first of the year.  I am not sure if the above order is exactly what I am going to do on a consistent basis, but there will be a new order coming soon.  I am just trying out something new, and if it accomplishes what I want, I will stick with it.  The main thing I want is to do more to HELP YOU! 

As you know if you have been following us here at for some time now, we believe the following as it concerns our health:

 Spirit – We are a spirit and and it is God’s love through Christ Jesus that has given us a new spirit.  In our new spirit lives everything we need to walk out great health and a great life full of God’s best.  Yes we still face adversity, but by realizing who we are now, and His Love and provision inside our NEW spirit, we can overcome anything we face in life.

Soul– We have a soul which is our mind will and emotions.  God gave us these, not for them to control us but for us to control them.  And we can use these tools to steer our health and lives in the right direction.

Body– We have a physical body.  Yes we should exercise and feed our bodies the right quality and quantity of foods on a consistent basis. 

Knowing the above, it is my goal to do a better job of using Inspiration, Encouragement, Movitation, Nutrition, and Exercise principles to better equip you to literally take control of your health and your life.  So be looking for more from us here at in the days to come.  And I expect God is helping me to get the best order of doing things so we can all experience more and more of His Best for us!



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