Pizza, Donuts, Healthy Eating?!


Motivation/Inspiration: Successful people do not focus on their “mess-ups”, they focus on the Truth that they CAN.  So they believe they will no matter how many times they “mess up”!

Nutrition: Gradually add more “whole” nutritious foods to your grocery list.

Exercise: GB DW 15 x squats, pushup shoulder stands, inch worms.  4 rds for best time- 15 db swings, 15 xcrunch (rt, lft=1), 25 Jumpin Jacks

Check out the picture.  This is from last night at The Johnson’s.  LeAnne made us her “home made” Pizza!  Me and the boys love mommy’s homemade pizza.  And as you may have heard me say before “I am not much of a pizza eater”.  She used some sort of do it yourself dough, and other fresh ingredients like salsa, little tomatoes, yellow peppers, broccoli, deer meat, and shredded cheese.  And she lets the boys create their own.  And it does taste excellent and Fresh!  Of course because we choose the ingredients, it is “healthier” than most other pizza choices.

**What sparked all this is that we went to PALLADINO’S Pizza here in Carrollton saturday night.  And as it was the other 2 times we went, the food was great, and just overall a great experience.  Their pizza is the best!  **Well let me say it is tied for the best with LeAnne’s!!  They source the highest quality true “whole” limited processed ingredients possible I believe.  Mr. Joe Palladino, a friend of mine and just all around great man, is one of the owners.  He sat with us and shared a great story with us and we just had a great time since the food was awesome, and the company was even better.  I highly recommend going there if you like Pizza!  I would dare say they have the “healthiest” pizza options anywhere around here at least.  Now of course you can go overboard just like you can anywhere else.  So if you are wanting to really watch out on the total “calorie” count, make sure and dont get their “homemade” donuts!!  I have to admit we did and each of us had one.  That was the best dang donut I have ever had in my life!! 


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