More Powerful Health promoter: Peace, Nutrition, or Exercise?


Movitation/Inspiration– Choosing to be at PEACE is much more powerful than eating right and exercising!

Nutrition– Choosing a high quality Protein shake / Meal Replacement Shake is a great way to improve your health.

Exercise- GB DW: Movement Stretches x 8.  For 8+ Minutes Fast Walk/Run/bike/JRope/Row/Cardio Machine

In the pic is one of our most consistent GB Athletes doing one of our favorite drills for Improving sport speed & Acceleration.  He has been consistent for several years now and it has paid off for him big time.  Good job ca!

Remember that choosing to be at Peace, is a choice.  No you can not stop “stressful” situations from happening.  And yes sometimes we all do stress, but we do not “have to”!  When we are faced with those stressful situations, we have to find a way to “correctly” deal with the stress.  My personal recommendation is to do as the Word says: “pray to God, turn over the situation and the stress itself to HIM, Thank Him for taking care of it, and THEN you will operate in the peace of God that passes all understanding and that guards your heart and mind”!!  And yes part of this “trust” you have with Him is that He will show you what you need to do about the situation / circumstances.  So you are not just denying the facts that may be, you are trusting HIM in it all. 

We know stress literally kills and steals.  And to handle stress correctly I believe is more important than eating correctly and Exercising.  Now that in no way means you leave the Nutrition and Exercise out of your “health” equation.  You do though, consistenly recognize the need to correctly handle stress, and do not let it rule your life, and your Health!


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