HOW TO MAKE the Right Time to get started. Better Health & Life


Motivation/Inspiration– You have inside of you the Power to make Positive Change in your health / life.

Nutrition– It is NOT about being perfect.  It IS about doing a little better today, this week, etc. 

Exercise– GB DW: Go as far as you can “ascending” in 5 minutes.  1,2,3,4,….. Squats, Pushup Leg Tucks

In the picture are 2 GB youth athletes doing some Overhead Walking Lunges.  Most anytime you add the “overhead” variable to an exercise, it intensifies the movement and requires much more involvement of the Core.  Good stuff.

Many times we are “waiting” on the right circumstances, abilities, plans, etc to get started with taking control of our health and or any other area of life.  I have been guilty of this too.  One thing I have learned in my life is that there is always going to be adversity, opportunity to stress, and just “less than optimum” circumstances.  With this being known, the only “right” time to start taking control of your health and or any other area of your life is NOW!  Yes a “more optimum” time and circumstances may come along at a later date, but again DO NOT WAIT until then.  Just think if you go ahead and start now with 1 or 2 simple Actions, when that “better or best time” comes, you will already have a lot of momentum built up.  And from there you will really make great strides. 



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