That “something” in you that is bigger than any obstacle you may face.


Motivation/Inspiration– Your Belief that “you can” is more powerful than any obstacles.

Nutrition– Find a high quality Nutrition Bar that you like!  and keep them on hand.

ExerciseGB DW Movement Stretches x 10.  Max Rds in 4 minutes: 3 squats, 3 pushups, 1 Burpee.

Check out the picture from our GB SuperFit workout today at lunch!  Man our GB members are knocking it out!  Ye baby.  They did several different “movements” today such as: JRope, Burpees, Wall Situps, Wall Sits, Side Planks, Running, Pushup Rows, Inch Worm w/ Pushup, and Front squats.  Great job Team God-Built.

Today’s Motivation/Inspiration Tip is so powerful I believe:  Your Belief that “you can” is more powerful than any obstacles.  See, when you truly “believe” something, any obstacles that come up are just challenges.  Your Belief is bigger than obstacles and it is your Belief that will drive you right through and over those obstacles, to the Victory.  **And remember this: Your Victory is already inside of you!  Yes you have to combine your works with your Faith in order to see your Victory manifested in your health and life.  As you realize though that your Victory is already yours, because of Jesus Christ, then that makes for a true Faith / Belief that pushes you through any tough circumstances.  You will except nothing but THE VICTORY!!  Ye baby, it is yours!!


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