K.J.’s Heart for you.

Movement Stretches x 7
4 rds for Best Time- 15 Front Squats, 15 Pushup Leg Tucks

Nutrition- “See” Food as a means to “Get where you want to be Health wise”! And then simply GET ON IT DOG’ON IT!

Motivation/Inspiration- ONe of the last things I want is for you to misunderstand me and our vision here at God-Built. I talk a lot here on godbuilt.com about you “improving”, reaching your goals, and “taking control of your health and life”. I want you to understand that I believe that life is not all about “getting better” and or accomplishing goals. I believe these are big parts of our lives, and can be used to motivate and inspire us to do better. There is more to life than just always striving to get better. One of the big problems is that you can get out of focus. Now I really do believe that with the proper focus, always striving to get better can be a very good thing. At the same time, with the wrong focus, it can be a bad thing. My intent as far as encouraging you is always with the underlying foundation of keeping HIM first in all of it. When you keep HIM first in all your endeavors, then you will know where your focus should be, how much attention to give any particular area of your life, and how to approach each area. It is only through HIM, Jesus Christ our Lord, that we can fully see His best in our health and lives. And it is HIM who gave us the power to be in control of our health and lives, the power to overcome any obstacle we face in any area of our lives, and the strength to perservere all the way until we see the desired results.
Another big problem that we all can get caught up in while striving to “get better” is that we forget to “ENJOY THE JOURNEY”. Now this is one I know I personally need constant reminders of. I think many times all of us get so focused on “getting there” that we never enjoy our lives in the moment. And the great thing about our power through Christ is that since we have FAITH (His Faith), we can enjoy our current life even if we are nowhere near where we desire to be. Even in that state of less than best, we can walk through with joy and peace knowing that through HIM we already have the victory! Now of course that does not mean it is necessarily going to be easy, it just means that we knonw we can, and we will!
I expect that this clears up to some extent what my intentions, and my heart are here with God-Built. My goal, and our goal as a company is to literally help each person we come in contact with to understand more about who they are IN CHRIST, and therefore literally be empowered to walk out HIS best for their personal health and lives. And this is basically the meaning of our Vision: GOING INTO ALL THE WORLD TEACHING PEOPLE WHO THEY ARE IN CHRIST, THROUGH FITNESS.
I do love being a part of God-Built, and I am extremely blessed that God allows me to “Do” the Vision. I have surely missed it many times over the years, yet I keep going and expect to see more and more of what God is doing and will be doing through God-Built. Ye baby!


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