Health benefits of Pecans, Walnuts, Almonds, etc

GB DW- Movement Stretches x 10. Max Reps in 1 Min for each Exercise: 1 arm overhead walkn lunge, rt arm; 1 arm overhead walkn lunge, lft arm; Pushups

Nutrition- Eating HIGH FAT Nuts on consistent basis can: Lower blood pressure; Help to lose Weight; Decrease chance of cardiovascular disease; Plus much more!! **Read below for the much more.

Motivation/Inspiration- Go ahead, today, and SET YOUR MIND to accompish 1-2 “Good” things this week: better eating habits; Exercising; finishing that “project”; Changing the way you think and Speak; Changing what you “Expect”!

Eating High Fat Nuts for improved Health- As you saw in the “Nutrition” section for today’s post I gave you some highlights of the positive benefits of eating Healthy Nuts on a regular basis. Here are a few more of those benefits, according to recent research, and a link from Dr. Mercola’s website with more specifics on this subject. I highly recommend you take the time to read his short but very informative article on this subject.
-Lower Systolic blood pressure
-fewer risk factors for Metabolic syndrone, and lower risk for diabetes
-better cardiovascular health
-Reduced mortality rates
-greater longevity
-29% decrease in overall mortality rate & 11% decrease in mortality risk from cancer (those who ate certain amount of nuts 5 times per week)
Find out more specs about these and more at the link:

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