Counting Calories: Good, Bad, Awful?

GB DW- Movement Stretches x 10. Run/Walk/Bike/Row for 10+ minutes

Nutrition- Here is your #1 tip for Food: YOU control food, do NOT let food control you!

Motivation/Inspiration- Do not let people that have “hurt” you or “did you wrong” in the past be the very thing that is still keeping you from living your best life. No matter what happened, you have to choose to literally get over it, get beyond it, Forgive them, and Choose to move forward. Anything other than that you are allowing those people, and or those circumstances to keep you held up from going forward.

**COUNTING CALORIES. For several years in my past I would “count calories”. I learned a lot from that discipline and I do believe it benefited me. Now for the past probably 18 years since I last “counted calories” I usually try to steer people away from this practice. Now please realize that I know it can help, and does help many people. Some of the biggest benefits I see now from “counting calories” are: #1 helps people to become aware of what they are eating on a daily basis; helps people focus more on “Quality” foods; helps people get control of food. So yes I agree it can help and I think it is a good thing for people to do, some times. And here at God-Built we have had many clients use (a website that helps you to “count calories”)with great results in helping them to take control of their Nutrition.
One of the problems with calorie counting though is that most people just are not going to do something that strict for long enough to see a true change in the way they “SEE” food. So most of the time it just keeps them in that “law” mentality, and they continue to see “eating right” as a burden and something they may never get a grasp on. Another huge factor is simply the fact that the body is much more complex than the whole calorie counting model.
One of the biggest issues with calorie counting is simply that it is very inexact, and in most cases people are incorrectly “calculating” their food intake, and sometimes by large amounts. And instead of me trying to explain it, the article at the link below will give you some very eye opening facts about this whole thing. I highly suggest taking the time to read the article. It is from a trusted source that we use a lot here at God-Built when it comes to Nutrition information:
Your Health, Your Life, Your Choice Godbless u kj

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