Best way known to man to handle Stress

GB DW- 15x squats, pushups, situps. 50/70/100 Burpees

Nutrition- Make an effort everyday to add in more vegetables. Sometimes the best time is Dinner. Make a goal of adding in 2-3 servings of vegetables for your dinner meal, and cut out or cut back on the potatoes and grains for that meal.

Motivation / Inspiration- STRESS is literally a killer. And to make sure we all understand “stress”, here is a good definition I was reminded of today: Stress is “how” we respond to a stressor (an event that happens to us). So realize we all deal with “stressors”, but HOW We Deal with those stressors determines the Stress we experience in our lives.

You have read here on many times about how Stress literally affects our physical body. The Bible refers to it, and science backs it up. Now of course there is a lot of debate on to what level this happens, and how exactly it does happen. The main point to take away for me and you is to simply recognize that Stress, particularly “Chronic” stress (most of us experienc chronic stress) is bad for the body! And it is linked to many diseases. One of the most recognized associations, and or reasons for this is that chronic stress causes Inflammation in the body. Inflammation is a precursor, and or at least an “aggravator” of most if not all diseases, illnesses.

I was just reading an article today about the direct link between Stress and cancer. 2 doctors at MD Anderson Cancer Center were discussing the fact that Chronic Stress causes cancer growth to increase. They said that there was not yet much evidence to show that Stress “Causes” cancer, but it definitely in several different ways can and does cause its growth to increase. Wow! Now I would say that most of us have imagined that stress can cause cancer and elevate its growth.

Now the worst thing for us to do with this information is let it STRESS us out!! We do need to recognize that Stress can literaly kill us, but at the same time we have to realize that we dont have to let it do so! Me and you, through Jesus Christ have been given the power to overcome in our health and our lives, no matter what we face. Our power is in Him. And thank God for that. Our Faith is in Him, and His Faith is in us, through Christ. We have been redeemed from the curse of the law, and by His stripes we were, and therefore we are Healed! We can and should apply different “stress reliever” techniques like: Deep breathing; Problem or situation accessment (basically just getting quiet and assessing our issue/s, and “help ourselves” to realize that it is not so bad afterall); Exercise; etc. These “natural” things are great, but our #1 thing is this…… PRAYER. Science even shows that many people see a reduction in “stress” through prayer. The Bible literally and simply says in Phillipians 4:6-7 that whenever you have an issue, first of all “dont worry”, go to Him, tell Him about it, Praise Him and Thank Him for taking care of it, and taking care of You. And once you do this you allow HIS Peace that passes all your own understanding and literally GUARDS YOUR HEART AND YOUR MIND! One of the biggest keys in this whole Bible wisdom is to finish it all off by Praising Him and Thanking Him right at that very moment. You dont wait until everything “seems” or “feels” better. You dont wait until the issue just goes away. You go ahead on Faith and Thank Him that it is now His, and noT yours to worry about. Bam!

If you want a heart that is guarded from stress, and a mind that is guarded from stress, there may be some other things you can do, but I dont think anything can compare to the very simple above instructions that we can see clearly from His Word. So there is our answer to all this stress stuff. Now this does not mean that everything is perfect and that we will not face challenges, but it is our promise that through Him we can and will overcome1


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