“Waist” Management. & Oh My what you can do with Words!

GB DW- Movement Stretches x 7. Max Rds in 4 min: 10 Pushups, 10 Squats, 10 Situps

Nutrition- Saw a great sign at Maple Street Diner today. It said something like this: “Please tell your waitress if you do not want Bread or Dessert. Waist / Waste Management.”

Motivation / Inspiration- If you are not “experiencing” what you want in your health & life, make sure you dont keep on saying what you “see”. Change your Words & Change your Life!

Lets talk a little about Nutrition and Inspiration today. On Nutrition, I often post up pics of some “healthy” meals. Today’s meal is a great example of a baseline dinner/lunch meal: Meat (deer burger), 2-3 servings of nutritious vegetables. And as we talked in 1 post just recently, this is a meal that is very simple to cook extra so you can have it for leftovers the next day. **Real Simple Tip for improving your Nutrition.

On Inspiration, as you read above, there is a big something to do with your Words. Your Words are powerful and they can and do produce “life and death” as The Word tells us. ONe of the dangerous traps we all can fall into is to “speaking” what we are seeing in our lives. In most cases, as long as you keep speaking the same thing, the same thing is what you are going to keep getting, at least with any consistency. And you have to remember that your words are foundational as it pertains to your life. One of the biggest misunderstandings about “the power of your words” is that many think that the endorsers of this principle are just saying that all you have to do is “speak it” and it magically happens for you. Well some may believe this, but this is not the truth of it at all. And another thing is that some get it all backwards and think you are supposed to “deny the facts”. Well as I heard one say before “there is no power in denying the facts. The Power is in Confessing The Truth.” So yes there is a lot of confusion on this subject, but that does not change the truth that your words are powerful and you should be using them to produce great change in your health and life where needed.
To keep this from getting too long, let me just say that when you change your words, and you do it with the intention to build up your faith concerning whatever changes you want to see in your health & life, as you consistently SAY the correct words, you do start to stir up your faith more and more. As your faith is stirred up more, you start to think in line with what you are now saying. And as you speak, believe, and think correctly, you will soon enough start to respond with the correct actions. Then those correct actions done long enough help to produce great change in your health and life. It all starts though with your Words. Maybe you dont have to start with your Words, but at some point you will have to change your words if you want to see your health and or life changed positively, and consistently.


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