Good Workout. Good Nutrition Tip. Great Motivation.


GB DW- Movement Stretches x 8.
Go as far as you can in 6 min: 1,2,3,4,…. x burpee, situp
*Do 1 burpee, 1 situp. Then 2 reps of each. Then 3, and so on.

Nutrition- Remember!!!, having a good supply of Good Quality Nutrition Bars is a very big help in “helping you” to stay on track! Nutrition Bars are not the answer to a good Nutrition Plan, but they sure can play a big role.

Motivation/Inspiration- Nothing can stop me or you from accomplishing great things in our health and lives except,… me or you.
I believe we are all blessed by God, through what Christ did for us, and IN HIM we have everything we need to WIN in this life. Now yes We all face adversity. Some may face more adversity, but still we all face it. The mistake we all make sometimes is we look at those who have consistent success in a certain area of their lives and we think “man I sure wish I had it easy like them.” In most cases, they did not, and they do not have it easy. We usually only see their success. What we dont see is the struggle and adversity they had to go through and make a personal Choice to Overcome, in order to get to that success in their health or lives. They faced adversity, and at the same time they had the tools inside of them to overcome. They chose to not let adversity and or any circumstances Choose their health and or life for them.
So again I believe we all need to have the attitude that “we” are the ones to determine our success in life. And “success” is different for different people. You have to make up your own mind what success looks like for you, then you choose to not let anyone or anything keep you from it. God is not keeping you from it, and like the Good Book says “If He is for you that who (or what) can be (successfully) against you?”!


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