My “public” Happy Anniversary to my Wife! + Good Health & Life tips


**Happy Anniversary to my Beautiful, Amazing, Hot, Wonderful, Proverbs 31 Woman! Today, we have been married 18 years. And I am very Thankful to the Good Lord for blessing me with my wife. It was and is quite unfair that I was the one chosen to be blessed with her, but hey I am glad everything is based on “fairness”! I am super Blessed. Happy Anniversary my baby!

GB DW- 15 x squats, pushup shoulder stand, wlunge, situps. 40/60/80 Burpees for best time.

Nutrition- Remember you can always keep your QUANTITY in control, even when you may not be choosing the best QUALITY foods. So even though you may not be eating as good as you think you should, you can still GAIN CONTROL to some extent with your Food by Controlling the QUANTITY. * And this in itself can help you build up positive momentum.

Motivation/Inspiration- Never Stop! Never stop expecting great things. Never stop expecting God’s best in your health and life. No matter what it looks like, Never Stop Expecting Good. His Grace is based on HIM, not me or you and our performance. And His Word says “He IS LOVE.”! So in all your “Expecting” remember it is based on How He Loves you!


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