A Main Reason why we fail at our goals.


GB DW- Movement Stretches x 9. Max Reps in 1 min of each exercise, rest 30 seconds between exercises: Squats, Pushups, Burpee, Run/JRope

Nutrition- As you Choose to consistently eat healthier, it doesnt necessarily get “easy”, but it does become easier to make that correct choice. So dont just go into “eating healthy” assuming one day it just automatically becomes easy. This will set you up for failure because most things in life that are worthy, are not easy. Remember though, the pay off is always more than worth it. **And yes even though it may not get necessarily easy as far as effort, as you go forward with making those good choices, mentally you make an adjustment and now it just becomes part of what you do in your life. And that in itself can sure make it seem much more “easy”!

Motivation / Inspiration- Taking from the above info on Nutrition, know that the way you “see” things can make a dramatic impact on whether or not you are able to “stick to” any health & life plans to get better. If you go into any health and or life improvement plan, and you are saying and or thinking to yourself “man this is sure going to be hard”, then that is pretty much what you can expect. Many times we build these things up in our heads so much as being overly demanding, hard, etc, that we have set ourselves up for failure from the get go. Now you dont have to lie to yourself and say “oh this is going to be super easy”. No like Charles Capps said, “the power is not in denying the facts. The power is in confessing the Truth.”
So get busy confessing and thinking the truth:
“through Christ I can do it and I will do it”.
“I can and will perservere through any challenges.”
“God has already equipped me with more than enough to win in this area of my life.”
“No longer how long it takes, I will accomplish my goals.”

Your Health, Your Life, Your Choice, Godbless u kj

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