How to more effectively make New Habits

wout27GB Inspiration– “It is the Goodness of God that brings men (us) to repentance.” Rom 2:4.  Repentance in this case basically means to “change the way you think”.  So as you focus more on His Love, His Goodness, it will cause you to see and think differently.  It is not by “trying to not do bad”, and “trying to make yourself do good” that you actually end up with new and good habits.  It is first and foremost by realizing how good HE is and how much HE Loves you, that causes you to change the way you think, therefore leading you to new and better habits.

GB Nutrition– If you will do only 1-2 of the things (nutritionally speaking) you already believe you should be doing, you can change your health in a big way.

GB DW (daily workout)-  Movement Stretches x 7.  Max DB Swings in 4 minutes


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