Why are you FREE? Free to do what?!

wout76GB Inspiration– “Dont despise small beginnings.” Rehearse your victories.  Take time to look back and SEE all the Good HE has given you and blessed you with.  Know that because of the freedom you have inside you, thru Jesus Christ, you are FREE to win in this life: Free to live in peace; Free to Expect great things from HIM; Free to love others, even if they dont love you back; Free to WIN;  Free to Conquer; Free to Expect Big.  Ye baby!

GB Nutrition– Eating “better” in order to lose weight is usually temporary.  Instead choose to Eat “better” with the intent to gain control of your life in that area.  This is a more sure Mindset and approach that can render more true lifestyle changes.

GB Exercise– 3 Min Run/Jrope/Jumping Jacks, 1 Min Squats, 1 Min Pushups, 1 Min Situps

Your Health, Your Life, Your Choice  Godbless u kj


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