Inspiration, Motivation, Nutrition, Exercise!! Get it all!

wout103GB Inspiration- Never Give up!  No matter how many times you may seem to fail, never stop expecting.  Never give up on your dreams and goals.  Never except less than His best for you.  Although sometimes it may seem like it is too hard, and or not possible at all, DONT GIVE UP.  Believe The Word when it says to “not grow weary in well doing (doing the right things), because at the right time you will reap the reward”!!!

GB Nutrition- You surely have heard this many times but make sure and do not discount this as you read it again: Look at, SEE, Food as simply a means, a tool, to help you get where you want to be in your health, performance, and physical appearance.  Do this for the majority of the time you eat.  And for a small majority of the time, it might be ok to see food as a means to meet a craving you have.

GB Exercise- Remember that you DO NOT have to workout for 20/30/ or 60 minutes for the workout to be “Effective”.  4,5,7, and 10 minute workouts are highly effective, especially when done consistenly 3-5 days per week.  The main thing is simply TO MOVE!  If you WILL commit to longer workouts, then great.  At the same time KNOW what you will consistenly DO, and then DO IT!!



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