I decided to Say it Again! Best way to handle Holidays for Health & Life Improvement

dtdogsOh what a great day today!  Thank you Lord for the rain!! Ye baby!

You know sometimes I feel like I am saying the same things over and over to the point that I should not say “those things” anymore maybe because people are getting tired of hearing it.  Yet I remember a very good and wise quote: If something is real to you, you get tired of hearing it.  And with this also remember it is always the “fundamental”, Simple principles that work and produce life in every area of your life when repeated consistently.  So that being said I am going to repeat what I usually say during this holiday/end of the year time:

Do 1 or 2 simple and positive things now with your Nutrition and Exercise, and do not wait until after the new year.

Now is a great time of year, and for me personally it is likely my favorite time of year because of Christmas.  Now is a great time of cheer, excitement, family and friend gatherings, etc.  And with that comes busier schedules, lots of “less than best food” opportunities, and plenty of Excuses.  Well there is really no reason you cant have your “Christmas” Cake and eat it too.  And yes i mean that literally!

For most it is not realistic to plan to hit a strict diet and or exercise plan if they are not already deeply involved in one and or the other.  And I dont recommend to most that you do something like that.  It is very likely you are setting yourself up for failure.  **(notice though i said “to most”.  So yes it can be done but it is not as likely.  This is just from my experience.)  And on the other hand you should not just say “the heck with it” and totally go whacky with all kinds of crazy eating and no Exercise to speak of.  This is just going to make it that much harder at the first of the year.

If I were you I would literally make a goal to “not gain weight”, and or “not lose any level of fitness” during this holiday season.  This may seem counter productive, but actually it is a very Proactive mindset to have.  This will let you see that you can eat some of those Christmas goodies at the parties, yet you know that all you have to do is be very aware and control the quantity.  And with this mindset as far as exercise, you know that you dont have to workout everyday, just keep up with working out 3-4 days per week, even if it is only 10-15 minutes per workout.  Or if you are currently working out 0-3 times per week, just make a simple goal of making sure you get for sure those 2-3 workouts in each week.

It really is simple.  And yes that is like most everything else in life that is valuable, it is Simple.  And yes we all know that simple does not mean easy.  So go ahead and make your Simple goals and plans to maintain a certain level of fitness during these great holidays.  THEN WHEN THE FIRST OF THE YEAR COMES AROUND, YOU WILL HAVE GREAT MOMENTUM to do whatever you want!

Realize God Loves you.  You choose to control your Thoughts, Words, Emotions.  This will lead to better, more consistent actions, which in turn leads to better health and life.  Ye baby!

Godbless u kj

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