Going into Companies teaching Health & Life principles. + New Research on how negativity affects Health

Check these 2 quotes from an article I read today that gave some notes on recent research:

“Pessimism in general raises your risk of ill health. The most pessimistic had a 220 percent higher risk of dying compared to the most optimistic. They also had a 73 percent higher risk of lethal heart disease”

“[T]here was a ‘dose-dependent’ relationship, where the worse the health anxiety, the greater the likelihood of developing heart disease down the road.”

Wow!  That is pretty eye opening.  I believe we all in some part know the dangers of being “negative”, Stressed, and or depressed and how these can negatively impact our lives, particularly our physical health.  And if you have kept up with us here at God-Built for any length of time, you have heard us “preach” this loud and consistently for many years now.

One thing that is for sure is that the Bible has told us explicitly how fear, strife, depression, bitterness/unforgiveness, and condemnation can literally kill us and or at least have a major negative impact in our health and lives.  Science has and continues to back this up.  Remember this: For every thought there is an emotion tied to it.  And from that emotion there comes a direct hormonal response in the body.  The hormonal response can be from very small to very big.  It can be from very positive to very negative as far as the impact on the physical body.  This is huge.

I know it may seem that I harp on this subject a lot, but it is only because I truly believe it is sooooo important.  As you know, I believe this part of the health equation is much more important than the Nutrition and Exercise.  And the great news is you have total control over this in your life.  Now yes I understand it may take time, and it may take a lot of work, yet you can GAIN CONTROL OVER YOUR THOUGHTS AND EMOTIONS.  You can not control every thought that comes into your head, but you can control what you do “think on”!  And you are “supposed to have emotions, and not let them have you.”

Choose today to do 3 things:

  1. Realize & Accept the truth that your thoughts and emotions do have a powerful impact on your health and life.
  2. Understand that God did give you the power to control your thoughts and emotions.  (and yes I truly believe no matter how far gone you may be down the “negative” road, you can slowly but surely get control.)
  3. Choose to “on purpose” use your thoughts to steer your health and life in the correct direction, the direction you want them to go!

**ok and here are some more things you can do along these lines of thoughts and emotions:

  • Be Thankful / Grateful.  This is pretty easy to do, no matter what and or how bad your current situation is.
    • Like we say “it is hard to be stressed out when you are so busy being Thankful
  • Find a way to Encourage/Help someone else
    • Again, it is hard to be worried about self when you are busy focusing on others

*I will be teaching these principles in some different ways come the first of the year.  This is my passion, to teach people how to take control of their health and lives using Godly principles and the “Spirit, Soul, body” approach to health.  I have been doing this for 20 years now, God-Built has been operating for 15 years, and still I see that we have so much more to give.  We have so many more lives to impact for God’s Kingdom, helping them to realize who they are In Christ, and the life He has for them here on this earth.  Ye baby!

If you would like for me to come to teach these health and life principles to you and or your employees, please contact me.  I will be going into the “work place” helping companies by teaching these principles to their employees.  I am excited about what God is doing for us and through us.  God bless u kj

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