Spirit, Soul, Body approach to Health

wout99Spirit, Soul, Body approach to Health.

The above “approach” to health is what we here at God-Built believe is the absolute best way to go about taking control of and improving one’s health.  We also believe that this approach, and the foundational principles involved, will help anyone to improve in any area of their life.  This is the approach, or “equation” that we have used since day 1 to help our clients to take control of their health and lives, and we have seen great success.

One of the main reasons for us using this approach is that we believe it helps anyone who chooses to apply it consistently to positively impact their overall lives greatly, not just their health.  See it is as we understand and apply:

  1. The Love of God, who we are In Christ, and the Power inside us already (Spirit)
  2. The powerful tools we have been given with our mind, will, and emotions.  And the great strength and impact we can have in our health and lives as we choose to take control of these tools and use them as intended. (Soul)
  3. as we choose to do the physical actions needed to control the body with Nutrition and Exercise (Body)

That we begin to see newness, improvement, and or positive change in our health and any other area of life we point our focus towards.  And yes there are many areas of our lives that can be positively impacted without even directly focusing these Godly principles towards.  It just happens as a “byproduct”.

So as you have heard us say here at God-Built for years now “Nutrition & Exercise are important parts of the whole health equation, but they are not the most important.”  You have to:

1.Understand that God loves you unconditionally.  You already have inside of you everything you will ever need to walk out His absolute best for you in your health and life through Jesus Christ.  Knowing His Love, and who you are In Christ builds up your confidence and therefore expectancy like nothing else can.  It is from these 2 that you get truly Inspired, and not just motivated.

2.Choose to take control of your mind will and emotions, first by understanding that you can because you were designed that way.  As you choose to literally THINK the correct way, and choose to SPEAK the correct way, you are more likely to ACT the right way.  ACTing the right way means you choose to do the correct things that you know will bring about the desired results.

This my friend is what I believe the best way to approach Health and Life improvement, and or “positive change”.  It can be whatever you want to call it.  and understand too as we have said many times over, this is not just about “being positive”, “mind over matter”, and or “self improvement”.  This is about helping you to experience God’s true best for you in this life.  And trust me, as you start to experience more of His best for you, it is going to positively impact others around you.  and that is all part of His plan.  Actually one of the biggest parts of His design is that as you help and do positive things for others, it comes back to you!  This is not kharma, or some odd law of nature.  This is simply God’s promise in His word “whatever you do for others, I will do for you.”  Count on it!



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