After 21 years of coaching, Still Learning the Best Way to Improve Health

dickmariantI am studying more recently about how the following has a powerful impact on our health:

LOVE; Thoughts; and Words.

This is nothing new for us here at God-Built, yet it is still extremely enlightening to see all the research and evidence.  Here at God-Built we have been teaching the importance of these as it concerns health since we started as a company back in 2001.  We still dont know the “whole” of the subject for sure, yet we are making headway I believe in understanding more specifics about Love, Thoughts, and Words, and how they directly impact our health.  Also, we are praying and fulling Expecting God to show us the best way to deliver these Truths to His people so His people can be empowered.  As His people, you and me, are empowered with this understanding, we will be more likely to use it to our advantage for better health, and LIFE, control / improvement.

See even though #1 The Word tells us that the “Spirit” part of us holds all His promises and blessings, In Christ, we still sometimes forget that.  And even though HIS Word tells us that our “soul” (mind, will, emotions) part of our being has a direct and powerful impact on our physical health, we many times discount it.  When we forget and or discount the power of the Spirit and Soul part of our being, we most definitely will experience the negative side effects in our lives, including our physical health.  So make sure you dont discount these 2.  Remember you are a “spirit being”, you have a soul which is your mind, will, and emotions.  And you live in a body.  And the “order of importance” is just that: Spirit, Soul, then Body.  Health truly does come from the inside out!

I know we all likely have many things we are planning on improving this awesome year, 2017.  I encourage you this year to think on this subject.  I truly believe that as you focus on this Truth of who you really are and the Biblical order of importance, then not only can you positively impact your health, but also every area of your life.  So GET ON IT DOG’ON IT!


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