Spirit, Soul, Body- Healthy Tips for a Healthier and Happier YOU!

boyssuperexerciseSpirit Soul Body Health Tips for a Healthier and Happier YOU

Do what you already know to do- Many times all it takes is doing what you already know you should be doing, and this alone can help you to drastically improve your health and life.

Forgive – Forgive people.  It is not worth it.  And yes you absolutely can forgive anyone for anything.  Sometimes yes it may be hard, but you can because He says you can, and He says you should.  And remember to forgive someone does not mean that you are going to forget it.  Unforgiveness / bitterness will literally “eat you alive” mentally and physically.

Choose to not worry- Yes yes, I know we all have many stressors we face everyday.  And yes there is something to correctly “managing” stress.  Yet I believe The Word when it tells us to hand over our worries to Him, and “To Not Worry” about anything.  So yes we can and yes we should.  Worrying will also literally “eat you alive” mentally and phsysically.

Speak Words of Life, not death- It is a Truth that your tongue has the power of life and death as it concerns your health and your life.  Nuff said!

Gradually improve your Quantity Control and Quality control as it concerns FOOD- Remember for most do do a complete 180 turn with your nutrition does not last.  So choose to make a few simple changes to start with.  Then as you go if you want, change 1 or 2 more.  It really is simple, and Simple really does work.

Find a way to Move for 5+ minutes everyday or several days per week- Short Workouts really do work, especially if they are intense (intensity is relative to the individual) and consistent.

BE THANKFUL – I love this one because if you are busy being Thankful, it is hard to be worried, stressed, negative, gloomy, eating out of control to fulfill an emotional problem, and lazy.

There you go.  Get on it dog’on it!

Your Health, Your Life, Your Choice  GOD BLESS U KJ

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