Making “lasting” Health Improvements. Spirit, Soul, Body

You want to make “Health” and or other “Life” Improvements?  Of course you do!  We all do, and that is usually a great thing.  You can get out of balance in anything, yet for the most part to want to improve is very good for you, for those around you, and very likely for the world in general!

When it comes to “improving your Health”, most people automatically think to themselves “Well, I just need to exercise and eat better”.  And yes that is true, yet it is only a small part of the “health improvement Equation”.  Remember as I discussed last time (and yes many times over the last several years) to approach Improving Health correctly, you must approach it from a “Whole Person” stand point.  So lets Recap:

Understand that you are a 3 part being: Spirit, Soul, and Body.

#1 You ARE a spirit.  This is what makes you, you!  This is the real you on the inside.  And through Christ Jesus, everything you need to conquer, win, and overcome in every area of your life is already inside you, inside your spirit.

#2 You HAVE a soul.  Your Soul is your mind, will, & emotions.  These are just Tools you have been given that when used properly, they are extremely effective to bring about positive change in your health and every other area of life.

#3 You LIVE in a body.  Your body is just another tool you have been given that when “taken care of”, it will help you to live out a productive life on this earth.

Now one of the very first things to do if you want to Improve your health is to remember #1, your spirit, the real you.  IN the real you is the one thing that empowers you like nothing else: GOD’S LOVE.  And it is His Love and your continual recognition and understanding of it that will cause you take control of and do a better job of taking control of and steering #2, your Soul, in the right direction.

The Word says in Romans 2:4 that “it is the goodness of God that leads (us) to repentance”.  The word repentance there actually means “to change the way you think” or change your mindset.  As you focus more on His love for you, it will cause you to start seeing things differently, to start literally changing the way you think.  And in most cases if there is any area of your life that you need to improve in, one of the major things that needs to happen is first and foremost for you to change the way you “see” it, and how you “think” about that area of life.  My experience is that in your health and any other area of life you want to make improvements in, if you dont change how you “see” it, how you “think” about it, and how you “speak” about it, then any changed actions are only temporary.  And that is just the facts from 20+ years of health and life coaching.  Oh ye and from 43 years of dealing with myself!!

So one of the best ways to start of in any Health Improvement plan is to learn and continually understand more about HIS Love for you personally.  This will help you to change the way you think and “see” things.  And of course this brings peace, joy, power, and excitement which are all important if you are going to make long lasting Health Improvements.

Your Health, Your Life, your Choice  God bless u kj

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