When to listen to your body. And when NOT to listen to your body.

Friends and neighbors

What a great day to have a great day!

This is the day He made for me and for you, and we are rejoicing and being glad in it!! Ye baby!

We get to make it a great day today!

We get to get better today!

Get on it dog’on it!

Those are some of the things I say to our clients here at God-Built every day.  I realize part of my job is to encourage, motivate, and inspire when and where I can.  So I do.  Many times I know my clients do not want to come to work out because of one or more of the following real world issues: they are tired; have no energy; sore; lower back pain; knee pain; shoulder pain; headache; butt ache; stressed about something going on at work; stressed about something going on at home; it is not a good time to take time away from work; feel a little sick; etc.  And these are real world issues that they are dealing with.  I know that they are fighting a battle just to get through the doors, and for some it is truly harder than others.  And when they do come through those doors:

#1 I am thankful;

#2 I take it as my job to get them mentally and emotionally going in the right direction.

I realize that if I can get them at least thinking on the “positive” things I am saying (or as some will attest, I am hollering!) then they are more likely to get their body to follow along.  Then pretty soon they forget about all the stress and the pains, and they are getting some Work done.  Their emotions start to turn for the good, and like the saying goes “it is fun when it is done”!  So what many times starts out as a pretty big up hill battle, ends up another battle won, and another battle won is a VERY GOOD THING!  This is a very good example of the importance of “not listening to the body”.  Yes there are times when you need to listen to your body, yet I would dare say if you listen to your body the majority of the time, it will not render desirable results.

So remember one of the first things to do when you are starting off that workout, or starting that project that is tough, or whatever you may be going after that gets tough and overwhelming seeming, is to get your THOUGHTS AND YOUR WORDS pointing you in the right direction.   This in itself is literally a game changer!!  Bam!  Get on it dog’on it!


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