“THE” Health Formula for Success. All summed up for you! Your Health, Your Life, Your Choice

Its a great day to have a great day!  Ye baby!

Follow the order: Spirit, Soul, Body

Grow in your understanding that He loves you unconditionally.  His Love is great, and it is for you personally.

Grow in your understanding of just “who you are In Christ Jesus”, and what you have In Christ.

  • You have His faith, His peace, His Joy, His abundance of health.  It is yours already on the inside (your spirit).

Use your mind, will, and emotions to steer your health, and any other area of your life, in the right direction.

  • choose to control your mind and think the right thoughts, thoughts of peace, victory, joy.
  • choose to use your words to help point your mind, and your body in the right direction.  (yes your words are that powerful, and you will see the results when you actually choose to believe it and do it!)
  • you control your emotions, and make sure you do not let them control you.
  • Your will is yours.  You can steer it the way you want.

Nutrition– “stop eating Crap”.  Ha! thats a funny quote i saw a while back.

  • Just simply choose to gradually do better on the Quality.  And consciously control the Quantity at each meal.  SIMPLE!

EXERCISE– Just move.  find a way to get moving NOW!  Do not wait til you find the right “place”, time, or program.  You can Make it happen right now!



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