Can your brain be “Rewired”? If you ever have stinking thinking you will want to read this.

Its a great day to have a great day!  Ye baby!

Check this out:

“Neuroplasticity is the term used to describe how the brain continues to re-invent itself. Older, unused pathways fall away, and new ones, with repetition and focus, emerge. What we think about actually rewires our brains—for better or worse. We now know that our choice of words has a direct and immediate effect on our emotional response and makes our brains inclined to respond in specific ways. This is true whether we are reacting to spoken words delivered by someone else, or to the inner self-talk that we hear ourselves “saying” inside our heads.”

I found this from an online site just today.  We all have heard and read this before as it concerns “Rewiring the brain”, and it is great for us to see and hear it again, and again, and again.  You know that here at God-Built this is one of the principles that we have been teaching for quite some time now.  This is to remind you that we do care about you and your health, your life.  We want you to understand the power that you have inside you.  You have the power with your thoughts and your words to literally “rewire” your brain.  To Rewire your Brain basically means you are training yourself what to think on and how to think.  Like the Word says to “RENEW YOUR MIND”.

Remember, YOUR Mind is yours, and God gave it to you so that you can use it to help steer your health and every other area of life in His direction.  He wants you to take control of it, and not let it control you.  He wants you to be your Mind’s master, and not let your mind master you.  See your mind is waiting to get direction.  And it is going to take direction by the information it takes in.  Your mind is constantly getting fed information by your past, what others say, what YOU say, what you allow yourself to think, and what you see.  You can stop some information from entering, but some you can not.  You have to learn how to filter the info that you do not want to negatively influence you.  Basically you train your brain how to “see” things.  That is one reason why it is so vital that you understand the power of your mind and how it will determine to a large extent your health and your life.

Remember you can absolutely get control of and keep control of your mind, your words, and your thoughts.  It is something that takes time, and yes it is a daily thing.  Once you accept this as important, know that He gave you the power, accept the power, and choose to use it accordingly, then you are on your way to improving your health and life.


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