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HE LOST 2.5 INCHES IN HIS WAIST.  And here is how he did it: Faith + Works.  BAM!  Get on it dog’on it!

I have friend that decided he wanted to buy a certain piece of equipment because he really liked it and BELIEVED it was going to help him lose some inches in his waist.  He had already lost a good bit of weight and wanted to start building some muscle and lose more bodyfat particularly around his waist line.  So he told me at least 2-3 times something along these lines:

“KJ, when I get that machine, I really believe it is going to be the difference in helping me lose some serious inches in my waist.”

Again he told me this same thing on at least 2-3 occassions.  And I could tell he really believed what he said.  Now honestly even though I am a 100% believer in the power of your words, particularly when you believe what you are saying, I was not so sure he was going to get the results he wanted, at least not since he was expecting it to happen pretty quick.  And to add to that he didnt have a lot to lose anyway.  No matter what it was going to be harder for him because of the stage he was at in the process.  But I just went right along with him because I knew he was excited and I surely did not want to put out any fire he had.  I remember thinking to myself: “I am not so sure he is going to get as quick of results as he is thinking, but who am I to say what he cant do if he believes it?”

Long story short, he got the piece of equipment in, started working out on it, and now only maybe 2 months into it he has lost 2.5 inches in his waist, and improved his overall strength and endurance.  I remember when he came to see me just a couple of weeks ago and was sharing all this with me, it literally just kept stirring up inside me that :HEY, HE GOT THESE RESULTS BECAUSE HE LITERALLY BELIEVED IT IN HIS HEART, HE GOT HIS MIND THINKING IN THAT DIRECTION, AND HE WAS SAYING IT OUT OF HIS MOUTH.

So there you go.  This is a great and close up, real life, simple story of 1 man’s testimony of how he used his FAITH, His Words, and his actions (works) to produce something he wanted in his life.  No he didnt just say a bunch of words.  No he didnt just think a bunch of mindless thoughts.  No he didnt just do some irrelevant haphazard “work”.  He settled in his heart what he wanted.  He chose a particular process to make himself believe in.  He continually thought and spoke what he wanted, and he consistently “worked”.  Then from that he got THE RESULTS.  I relate this to 2 different scriptures:

Mark 11:20-24 – story where Jesus cursed the fig tree, then said that “whosoever” says, believes in their heart what they say, they shall have what they say.

James 2:17 – faith without works is dead

Your Words are very powerful.  Use them on purpose to create the future you want for yourself.  Use the “faith of God” that He gave you.  And combine the correct “works” with it to produce the results you want.

Here is something we have used here at God-Built when helping clients to take control of their health and lives: “Your actions will prove what you truly believe in most cases>”  If you believe it, you will be “acting” it out.


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