You ever said: “I know I should not eat this, but….”? Real health and life fixes

It’s a great day to have a great day!  Ye baby1

What you are “thinking” when you are eating, before you are eating, and or after you are eating in some ways will have much more impact, good or bad, on your health.  Read that again.!.

The above statement is a powerful Truth that many overlook as it concerns their Nutrition.  Many times we overlook the “power of what we are thinking”, and saying.  You know you read it here on all the time simply because we believe this is a principle that has great impact in your health.  And one thing that I have heard repeatedly from clients over the years is “I know I should not be eating “that”, but….”.  See in their heart and in their mind they believe fully that whatever the food is that they are referring to is harming their health and literally hindering their progress.  I am fully convinced that anyone that is “eating out of condemnation” in many cases will experience more harm from their condemning thoughts than from the actual food itself.

Remember for every thought you have, their is a direct emotion.  And from every emotion, you will have a directly related hormonal response, good or bad.  So long story short, GUARD YOUR THOUGHTS.  Make sure you are not EATING OUT OF CONDEMNATION.  If you for whatever reason believe that a certain food is harmful for you, then do 1 of 2 things:

1. Dont eat it.

2. Eat less of it

Either way you are taking some sort of control over it and give yourself a sense of accomplishment of CONTROL even if you do eat it but choose to eat Less.  This should give you the ability to think a better thought such as: “I know this food is not the best for me, and I choose to control it by not eating near as much.”  Now even though that may not be the absolute best, it is still a much better option, and it is actually tremendous progress in the right direction.

**realize too that I am in no way saying that you can eat “crap” and “think your way” to making it have no ill effects in your health.  That is like saying that just because I believe that we should live under the Truth of Grace vs. law, that I advocate that “all is good and beneficial”.  We all know that aint right!


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