Something I learned from my parents deaths. Real stuff during “real” times.

Its’s a great day to have a great day! Ye baby!

You know, over and over again I am reminded that LIFE IS CHOICE!  No we do not have control over everything that happens to us and or around us.  Yet in every situation we have a choice in how we respond to it with our words, our thoughts, our attitude, and our actions.  IN this walk we call LIFE, we all face adversity.  Sometimes in life everything seems to go smooth.  Other times it gets pretty rough.  And then sometimes, it just flat out sucks!  I remember when both my parents went on to heaven (my dad i think about 6 years ago, and then my mom just this past summer).  Each of these events was for me one of those parts of life that did just suck.  It was sudden, unexpected, and tragic.  It was a huge blow to me and my family.  Yet, in the midst of those tragic moments I had complete control and say so over my words, my thoughts, my attitude, and my actions.  I in no way perfectly handled each situation, yet I understood the importance of handling it correctly.  and I understood the importance of this because I knew it was very important as far as it concerned my own personal life going forward, and also as it concerned those lives around me that I had some type of influence on.

Now of course I had many thoughts of defeat, sadness, guilt, fear, etc come to me during these 2 life events.  I had many very defeating thoughts such as:

  • lay down and give up on this “faith” stuff.
  • its ok for me not to be “so positive” on life.
  • I deserve to feel bad.
  • I deserve to be confused.
  • Maybe I should not always EXPECT great things.
  • Maybe I should be cynicle.

And I am sure if you have been through any tragic events in life that you have thought the same thoughts.  What we have to do though is to CHOOSE to not allow those thoughts to become our thoughts.  And yes that is a choice.  Remember, just because you “have” a thought does not mean it is your thought.  We all have thoughts that come to us.  You absolutely do not have to take that thought on as yours.  You can always choose to say NO to any thought and replace it with the CORRECT, LIFE GIVING, GOD INSPIRED thought.  That is why the Word tells us to “take captive every thought and imagination and put it to the obedience of Christ.”  This basically and to me literally is my prescription on how to handle my thought life.  Every thought that comes to me I have to choose to make sure it lines up with who Jesus Christ was and who He is, and to who He made me.  If a thought or pattern of thinking does not line up with that, then I have to CHOOSE to think differently, or repent.  That word repent in the new testament in most cases can literally be translated “CHANGE THE WAY I THINK”.

Make sure you do not allow just any thought or thought pattern to dominate your thinking.  You must choose to allow His way of thinking to dominate your thought life.  His way of thinking is PEACE, JOY, CONFIDENCE, EXPECTATION, AND LOVE!  It is not always easy to MAKE YOURSELF think this way, especially during a tragic event in your life, yet it is crucial to do so!  Remember that your thoughts do render good and bad results in your health and life.  And you will be the one who chooses which results you get.  And this is great news!  Get on it dog’on it!



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