One of the Best Tips if you have experienced “failure” in health / fitness / weight loss attempts

Its a great day to have a great day!

“…you can neuroplastically retranscribe (change or rewire) these toxic memories because, once conscious, thoughts are modifiable right down to the level of genetic expression in your DNA.  …….  Even if you don’t change the content of the thought, it will still retranscribe through protein synthesis, making new proteins to strengthen the thought.  The bad thought can get worse, or the good thought can get better – no thought stays neutral.”  Dr. Leaf from her book “Who Switched Off My Brain”

You might want to read that 2 or 3 times.  Really.  It is important to see that our thoughts from our past memories can and will continually impact our health and lives.  I think we all know this to some extent, but one thing that Dr. Leaf has brought more light to me on is the fact that any thoughts I have from my past do not stay the same.  As I remember those past experiences (this can be on purpose or as they come to me “out of the blue) if I have had negative thoughts in response to them, then if I do not choose to some way “positively” and correctly change the way I think about them, they will become stronger in a negative way!  Like she said “no thought stays neutral”.

This is just more evidence of the need to apply His Principles in regards to our thought life:

Romans 12:2 of “renewing our mind”.  We have been empowered through Christ to make our mind think what we want it to think, and how we think about any particular events in our lives, past, present, and future.  *Remember you can not always stop particular thoughts from coming to you, but you can control #1 if you allow yourself to keep thinking on that thought; #2 how you think about that thought / event.

2 Corinthians 10:5 – bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.  We have the great power to take every thought we think literally captive.  We hold that thought, and we compare it to who we are In Christ.  If that thought/s  does not line up with who we are In Christ then we have the power and responsibility to change the way we think on that subject whether it be a past event and or thoughts of some future event.

Phillippians 4:8 think only on the things that are lovely, honest, kind, good report, has virtue , pure, anything worthy of praise.  We have the great power and responsibility to make our brains only think on these things.  This is not always easy, and yes it is an ongoing challenge.  Yet, we still have the say so, and that should be majorly encouraging for us!!

We all think thoughts.  these can be thoughts from the past, present, and about the future.  Our thought life is something that is happening all day every day.  (I am not sure what all is going on while we are sleeping but lets just focus on what we do know right now concerning our “awake” hours).  We all need to literally embrace and be extremely thankful to God almighty that HE designed us so that we can control our thoughts.  No matter where we are at in life and how tough things may have been in your past, no matter how bad they may be at the moment, and no matter how bleek they may look for the future, YOU have a choice to control how you RESPOND with your thoughts.  And what and how you choose to Respond with your THOUGHTS will have a major impact in YOUR HEALTH and your life.  If you want to make progress in your health, you have to realize that your past can hinder you.  If you have been “rehashing” thoughts of defeat from past failures in attempts of improving your health, then you probably know from experience you usually will end up with the same “failed” results.  The great news is that it does not have to be that way.  And instead of just telling you to “forget” those old thoughts as I once would have done, I believe for most they can’t just literally forget the past NEGATIVE EVENTS.  So I say do as God says and as DR. Leaf describes in her book and literally ‘RENEW YOUR MIND” and change the way you think about those events.  And according to actual scientific evidence, you will literally REWIRE your brain and DNA for the better.

remember my goal, and our goal at God-Built is to help you to literally take control of your health and life.  I believe fully that God has set forth direct principles in His Word that tells me and you how to do this.  One of those principles is what we just talked about and the main principle Dr. Leaf concentrates on: The Renewing of the Mind”.  Use this principle to take control of your health and steer it, and your life, in the right direction!


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