Motivation and Inspiration for You, Right Now, On Time!

It’s a great day to have a great day!  Oh yes it is.  And here is some Motivation and Inspiration for you today.

I Choose to believe the Word.  therefore I choose to believe in these truths from the Word:

“Me and you can do all things through Christ who strengthens (enables and empowers) us.”

“All things are possible to me and you who believe”

“Me and you are literally more than conquerors”

“me and you are forgiven”

“Me and you can literally Renew our mind”

“Me and you can take control of our thoughts and put them to the obedience of Christ””

“By HIS Stripes, me and you were and are Healed”

“Me and you get to choose to speak LIFE with our mouths”

“He loves me and He loves you unconditionally and He fully expressed it through Jesus Christ”

Now lets me and you go and live in His Peace, His Confidence, and His Power that He freely gave me and you!  Ye baby, me and you get to.  We are able to and empowered to just because He loves me and you!!



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