Can you actually STOP Disease from entering into your body?!

Its a great day to have a great day!!  Oh ye baby!

“DIS”ease!  Did you see that?  “DIS”ease.  Disease is the opposite of “Ease”.  Where disease is, there is a literal “dis” ease.

From my studying over the years it seems that all disease is associated with Inflammation.  Some say the disease (referring to whatever the sickness has been labeled) comes then that causes Inflammation.  More recently, many more “experts” have been saying that the inflammation comes first, then the disease comes. Either way they are both there and go hand in hand for the most part.

So we all need to understand that in most, if not all, cases, the actual disease comes from a literal “Dis” ease in the body.  And in many cases, that dis ease or un ease starts from the mind. **Remember our thoughts do generate emotions and hormone release in the body.  So to make it very simple and clear, what you are allowing yourself to think on, will either help to produce an environment of EASE or Dis-ease in the body.  It really is that simple.

Realize that you do have the power given to you by God Himself, through His Son Jesus Christ, to control your mind and to use your mind to steer your health in a good direction.  Your thought life will impact your health, good or bad, whether you want it to or not.  It is something that I believe is a missing part of the whole health equation that many people dont give enough credit to.  I believe many people understand this truth to some extent, yet still to this day when most “experts” talk about IMPROVING YOUR HEALTH, they put all or the majority of the emphasis on Exercise and Nutrition.  Like we have been saying here at God-Built for years now: “Exercise and Nutrition are not the most important components of Taking Control of Your Health.  They are important and they can not be left out, yet they are not the most important.”

I encourage you to allow God to help you to see the power of your thoughts and how your mind is possibly the most powerful Tool YOU have to steer your health, and all of your life, in the right direction.  Remember it is your health, your life, your choice.  You can not control everything that happens in your life, yet you can control how you respond with your mind, your words, your thoughts, and your actions.  Ye baby!


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