Can your IMAGINATION actually IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH?! + See the 70 year olds knocking it out!

Its a great day to have a great day!!

First of all let me say concerning the super cool pic: Those are 2 of our clients here at God-Built that have been working out with us, listening to our Nutrition Tips, and “Hearing” our constant coaching on the power of their words and thoughts for around 14-15 years now!  These 2 are in their 70’s, and they are still going strong.  They are GOD-BUILT!!  No Excuses.  Bam.

Read this:

“Remember: when you imagine, it actually happens in your brain, so when you imagine fun things, all kinds of good chemicals flow, …”  Who Switched Off My Brain, Dr. Caroline Leaf

To IMAGINE, Dream, Think BIG, and Think about FUN stuff actually does do Good for your physical and mental capacities.  It is flat out great for your health.  We all “imagine” things every day, all day.  And with that there is Bad news and Good news:

First the Bad news – We all do “imagine” things all day, unfortunately most of us imagine (think on) the bad things from the past, and negative things that “might happen”.  We spend a lot of time literally thinking, IMAGINING, negative stuff.  Therefore our body is all day producing hormones that eventually will negatively impact our HEALTH!

Now the Good News- We all absolutely CAN choose to “imagine” good things, Fun things, and just positive things.  We can choose to think about stuff that gets us excited, things that are filled with good memories, and just Fun stuff.  We also can choose to Imagine and literally visualize ourselves accomplishing our dreams whether it is losing weight, accomplishing our work goals, etc.

The proof is there.  His Word has instructed us the whole time on how important our thought life is.  And science is backing it up more and more all the time!  Choose to use your thought life to improve your health and life.


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