My heart is heavy for a friend. See what I learned from him that can help you too.

It is a great day to  have a great day!  Yes it is.

Something is pretty heavy on my heart right now and I want to share this with you and hoping it will help you today, and the rest of your life.  One of my very good friends had a very tragic thing happen just a few days ago.  And the word tragic really doesnt even begin to describe what happened.  He and his family are in a real tough spot right now.  The encouraging thing for me is that I know him, my friend, and I know his family.  Being that I know him, I know that he knows HIM, and so does the family involved.  And even though it is and will continue to be extremely tough for them, because they know Him, and HIS LOVE for them, they will make it through resting on His Love.

Situations like this really can make you reflect and refocus on what is really important in life.  And my very good friend is one of the people in my life that has helped me over the years to refocus on what is truly important.  He is constantly reminding me of this, and 99% of the time it is without him even knowing.  His “life lessons” and the way he did things that I saw, I remember.  Now I still see and talk to him from time to time, but not that much.  Still though, I learned some valuable stuff from him over the years and I want to share some of those with you:

Know HIM

Look to HIM

Keep your eyes on the “Son”

Look up at night and just soak up the night sky

Love on your wife

Love on those kids

treat people with kindness

Go out of your way to put people first

sleep outside under the stars sometimes

teach your kids to enjoy and value nature

Show upmost respect to your elders


do something to get “chill bumps” often

Yell “woo hoo” often

Remember all good things come from HIM

These are all things that as we choose to do them in our lives, I strongly believe we can live much more peaceful and productive lives.  We can be better for our families, friends, for our communities, and for the world.  I really value my friendship with my very good friend and I am hurting with him and his family right now.  I know that they are going to all be good.  They are all good right now, and they will soon start to see and feel that way too.  Enjoy life, enjoy your family, focus on the important things, and choose to walk in His Love, Peace, Joy, and abundant life!


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