Up to 80% of health issues today could be a result of this!! Must Read!

It’s a great day today, to have a great day!  Ye baby!

Man what a great Memorial Day weekend we had at the Johnson’s.  We had a lot of fun, time with family and friends, and relaxation this past weekend.  We took some extra time to be in prayer and just be thankful for all the people who have made the ultimate sacrifice since the beginning of this great country in order for us USA citizens to reap the benefits of living in a “FREE” country.  Nope, America is not perfect, but Yep, America is a great place to be, and me and my family are so Thankful and consider ourselves to be mighty blessed to live here.  Bam!

Spirit, Soul, Body- As part of our goal to help you to take control of your health & life, we will continuously use this order (spirit, soul, and body) as our foundation for approaching health and overall life improvement.  And taking control of our mind and our thoughts is of paramount importance in this process.  You have probably heard this from me before but it very much bears repeating:

“A massive body of research collectively shows that up to 80% of physical, emotional, and mental health issues today could be a direct result of our thought lives.”  Dr. Leaf, Who Switched Off My Brain.

I believe we all should focus on taking control of our minds and use our minds as a tool to steer our thoughts in the right direction, and therefore our health and lives in the right direction.  And yes I know you hear it here on godbuilt.com all the time, and yes I will stay on this topic as long as needed.  My experience in health and life coaching is that most people dont realize the power they have with their minds and thoughts.  And they discount the true power and impact that there mind and thoughts have over their health and every other area of their lives.  I hear all the time “Yes I know that, but…”

Understand that God gave you your mind for 1 main reason: For YOU to Control it.  He did not mean for your mind to control you.  Yet your mind is such a powerful and precise machine, it will operate at a high level even on its own without you controlling it.  The bad thing is that if you dont control it, it will steer itself at a high level, just usually in the wrong direction.  And that is because it was made to have a master, and that master is you.  So you choose to control your mind and your thoughts.  No matter how hard it may seem sometimes, you still have the choice, and your choice will impact your health and your life either way, good or bad.

YOU Use your Mind and make it think the right thoughts.  You Use your mind and make it work for your good for better health and a better life.  You can.  He designed you to do so.  He designed your mind to be subordinate to You.  So… YOUR HEALTH, YOUR LIFE, YOUR CHOICE  God bless u kj

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