What did this local business man say when I told him what we do at God-Built

It is a great day today to have a great day!  Dat right man!

I was talking with someone the other day that is a successful local business man.  He asked me what I did as a job.  So I began to tell him about God-Built and the conversation went further as he wanted to know how we approached fitness.  I told him what we did and our approach: Spirit, Soul, Body.  And i went on tell him how even though we have been teaching the same health and life principles since we opened in 2001, we are just now seeing more people open to learning more about how the spirit and soul affect health.  We particularly talked about how our thought life played a huge role in how our health is, and how it will be.  His response was something along these lines: “Yes that (our thought life) is the biggest issue I believe.”  It was a great conversation and it excited me as I have been expecting that more and more people are starting to realize this and God is going to use God-Built to help more people to take control of their health and life through teaching the principles He gave us years ago.

Here are some Reminders for you of some of these Principles that we believe are much more importtant than exercise and Nutrition for improving your health.  *No you cant leave exercise and nutrition out, as they too are important.

  • Learn more and more that HE loves you unconditionally.  He gave the ultimate sacrifice for you.
  • You have all the faith, confidence, and ability inside you, through Christ Jesus, to take control of and improve your health and any other area of life.
  • Be Thankful
  • Give to others: encouragement, help, etc
  • Stay out of Condemnation
  • Laugh (check out the video on my personal facebook thing)
  • Control your THOUGHTS AND WORDS- these are 2 of your most powerful tools you have!!
  • EAT better quality foods.  Control the quantity
  • MOVE!!  Find a way to walk, run, bike, lift weights, bodyweight resistance training, etc.  Do this 3+ times per week, even if it is only 4-5 minutes.

These are things we all know to some extent, and we all should focus on improving on 1 or more.

*If you want God-Built to come to your place of business and share these powerful Health & Life principles contact me.  kj@godbuilt.com



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